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The ebm-papst Group is a manufacturer of electric motors and fans. It came into existence in 2003 when the companies Elektrobau Mulfingen GmbH & Co. KG (ebm), Papst Motoren GmbH in St. Georgen and Motoren Ventilatoren Landshut GmbH (mvl) merged. The company employs around 13,000 employees at 25 production facilities (including those in Germany, China, and the USA) and 49 sales offices worldwide. T


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Office Assistant says

"- Poor senior management skills - MD never spoke to you unless you were a BDM or Director - No internal progression unless you are the favourite - 8am-5pm working hours - Some office staff were very 2 faced and would throw you under the bus any chance they could get - Overworked and underpaid"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Minimal annual leave made worse by having to use 5 days at Christmas, 40 hour weeks, unprofessional management, depressing atmosphere: most staff are unhappy but there is no HR presence in the UK office."

Current Employee - Assembler says

"Not enough pay for what you have to do their. Little disorganized with procesures . And a few other tasks . Need more organization on a few things on giving out work and having work ready ."

Warehouse Person, Forklift Driver (Former Employee) says

"Give a wide birth. Work somewhere else if you can. Only work there as a last resort. Find somewhere better, they dont appreciate you and make you work like a dog."

Teamleiter (Current Employee) says

"Mittlerweile schlechtes Unternehmen.Druck, Mobbing durch vorgesetzte an der Tagesortnung."

Teamleiter (Current Employee) says

"Früher guter Arbeitgeber, mittlerweile werden die Arbeiter nur noch ausgebeutet. Prämien werden immer weniger, Überstunden jede früh Schicht Samstag arbeiten. Vorgesetzte gehen beleidigend mit Mitarbeiter um, Mobbing wird gefördert und nicht unterbunden. Nur noch Väterleswirtschsft und Lügen sowie schlechtes Betriebsklima. Könnte noch viel mehr aufzählen."

Technischer (Former Employee) says

"Chefs bleidigen und stellen falsche Sachen unter die man nicht gemacht hatbus shuttleunfaire chefs"

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"This is by far the worst place I have ever tempted at. Pay is very low even for permanent workers and working conditions are dangerous. There were constantly accidents and a lot of the equipment was poorly maintained. This company does not give care about their employees and fail to see any correlation between employee satisfaction and product quality."

Teamleiter/ Schichtführer (Former Employee) says

"Mobbing an Tagesordnung. Leistung und wissen zählt nicht. Kollegen die andere schlecht machen bekommen sehr schnell gute jobs. PL von Werk 4 hat überall Spitzel und somit ist der Umgang der mal super war mittlerweile nur noch lächerlich. Die Arbeiter die das Unternehmen freiwillig verlassen steigen wöchentlich."

Assembly Worker (Former Employee) says

"I worked there on second shift for 8 months no one is in charge as of higher management supervisor was shady and lies too much people being lazy and not working when I went to HR nothing was done other workers was threatening me forming a click to harass other employees when I questioned it it was swept under the rug and covered up I was let go they said due to questioning the authority hard work for little pay don’t work here"

Arbeiterin Produktion (Former Employee) says

"2 Klassengesellschaft, hoher Druck, Mobbing durch Vorgesetzte.ShuttlebusUngerechtigkeit"

Adminstrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"There is blatant favoritism that is reflected in the salaries along with the jobs. A co-worker left because of how she was treated and the job of clean-up and stock girl was hers alone. She was treated like a maid and begged for a more meaningful job. After she left they tried to dump that job on me and would not promise that I could continue the job I really enjoyed for the purchasing dept. Prior to that I was told they would be hiring someone to do the dirty work and months later reneged on that. I gave my 2 week notice at that point."

Cc Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"There were some great people here that I truly appreciated. Direct supervisor should not have been in charge and was not qualified. This was very frustrating on a daily basis."

Összeszerelő operátor, konyhai kisegítő (Former Employee) says

"A hazug embereket jobban megbecsülik mint azt aki igazat mond."

Assembler/Production (Former Employee) says

"The pay was not acceptable and the management lacks the care to keep the production floor running smoothly. The work instructions were full of outdated information and contradictions. When the parties responsible are notified of these error they neglect to make the changes, causing confusion and for the errors to be called out over and over. They claim to "follow a green tech philosophy" however they throw hundreds of sheets of paper away per shift. They claim to have "zero defects" however, for example, I've received parts that were painted in house with errors in the the paint. Their answer? Color it in with a Sharpie. They neglect their calibration/inspection dates on their machines. If a date is missed a new sticker is slapped on with a date pushed out a few weeks. They claim to be follow 5s standards but the employees don't follow. There was this cabinet that, in a sense, ended up like a child sweeping everything under a rug. Team captains neglect their duties. Such as checking the 5s (organization of tools) at the end of each shift. They blindly walk through while gossiping with other auditors. They also play favorites with their policies. For example: Certain employees get away with wearimg ear buds while other get scolded. They neglect to perform maintenance on their equipment even when repeatedly told that it's malfunctioning. I spent months trying to get a crane looked at because it would run along the rails properly. Never happened. My opinion? Use this company as a last resort, find something worth your time and effort.Easy work, lax environmentLack of care from higher ups, poor pay, poor attitudes towards improvement."

Assistant Manager - Production (Current Employee) says

"Workers given more freedom. Top management worrying that they would go for strike or stoppage of work at any time amidst busy delivery plan.Every department working very slowly.Top management not supporting or guiding middle management.New comers expected to work hard and fast, but, no support provided.subsidized lunch, general shift, saturday & sunday holiday.sometimes no work at all, some times needed to work within unimaginable lower time."

Project Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Its a good company considering global. But as part of indian operations its worst. While interviews they said one job description after joining they treat me as a labor service job. Travelling also they have not mentioned"

Produktionshelfer (Rüster, Kommissionierer) says

"Sehr stressig Viel selbständig Arbeiten hoher druck"

Senior Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"If you're looking for an experienced, results-driven professional who knows how to dramatically improve the bottom line, my background as an account manager fits the bill. I offer 17+ years of proven sales and management experience in the air moving industry, a successful track record of building and sustaining strong customer relationships and developing and executing strategies for long and short-term growth. I think you'll find that my sales results, managerial talents and deep industry knowledge make me the ideal candidate for an account manager role.Heavy interaction with customers, being a decision makerNot enough support from upper management."

Branchenmanager Antriebstechnik (Former Employee) says

"Innovativer Betrieb mit drei Geschäftsfeldern, wobei die Automotive und Industrielle Antriebstechnik erst in den letzten 15 Jahren entstanden ist und zu einer der tragenden Säulen des Unternehmens wurde. Zu meinen Aufgaben gehörte der Aufbau sowohl der Industriellen, als auch der Automotiven Antriebtechnik. Durch die anfängliche kleine Projektgruppenbildung, bestehend aus maximal 3-4 Personen, konnten viele Projekte erfolgrich umgesetzt werden und eine hohe Mitarbeiteridentifizierung erreicht werden, was sehr zum Erfolg beigetragen hat.Klare GeschäftszieleHeute schwierige Hierarchie"

Assembly Worker (Current Employee) says

"Wish they payed more and treated employees better. This company doesn't realize good workers and takes them for granted. The work is easy but hard labor and the pay doesn't show."

Administrator (Current Employee) says

"It's a busy office environment to work in, no time to mess around. You need to plan and structure your day if you wish to achieve your goals."

Springer (Current Employee) says

"Es wird meiner Meinung nach immer schlimmer in diesem Betrieb"